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"Tony was very engaging and connected with our team right away. We discussed some tough topics, but Tony’s ease with the content and rhetoric of his presentation provided a safe space for people to open it - leading to a very interactive and productive session!"

Paavani Garg

Harvard Law School

Women's Law Association President

C/O 2018

Ineliz Soto-Fuller

Seattle Pacific University

Director, Undergraduate Admission

"I hired Tony several years ago in hopes that he could do a bit of cultural competency training with my help in addition to other work he was doing in our office. He ended up creating new trainings, revitalizing what we were already doing, and fully engaging the team in better ways than I anticipated. He did such a great job that various departments at the university got word and started to request trainings for their departments as well. Tony does a great job of meeting individuals and groups where they are on their journey of diversity understanding and helps those that are first time learners feel comfortable to ask questions. Ignorance is met with grace as well as challenge. People left our trainings with realizations they needed to hear, a desire to learn more, and ultimately positive changes they were going to make in their relationships at work and beyond. He really has a gift."

Allena Martin

Harvard Law School

Harvard Immigration Project Co-President

Harvard Legal Aid Bureau Intake Director

Harvard Women's Law Association

Harvard Legal Aid Bureau

C/O 2019

"I had the opportunity to attend a diversity training conducted by Tony Nabors for leaders of the Women's Law Association at Harvard Law School. Tony did an amazing job tailoring the training for our audience and the unique leadership structure of a student organization. The training was not only very informative, but also full of practical strategies we could use to apply what we learned day-to-day while leading people from different backgrounds and perspectives. Tony's presentation style is incredibly engaging and he was very effective at encouraging participation from the audience. I would highly recommend Tony's trainings for any group or organization looking to engage meaningfully with the topics of diversity, leadership, and cultural competence."

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